Refund Policy

Here at WebSolitude Consultancy Services, we’re very confident that you’re going to love our products and services. That’s because we put a lot of love into everything we create for you.

Should you have any questions about our no refund policy, please reach out to support@websolitude.com.

WebSolitude has No-Refund Policy

WebSolitude Consultancy Services has a NO REFUND policy.

Since this is a service-based product, and because we will have to invest considerable time and money in setting up your store, buying a premium theme , tools for your service, and research – there are NO REFUNDS.

That being said, we’re here to help you out with all your questions because we care about your success

How to Request a Refund

Simply email your refund request to support@websolitude.com. Please include the words “Refund Request” in the subject line of your email to help us get to it quickly.

IMPORTANT REFUND INFORMATION: It may take up to 7-10 business days for your refund to be credited back to your account.

Most of our products have a no-refund policy, however, we do have a 3 day cancelation policy in place for products that are over $25. Should you find after 3 days that you want a refund, please contact us at support@websolitude.com and ask for a refund of your payment. After 3 days we incur costs (e.g. calls, community, support, and software) and therefore, can no longer offer a refund.

It would be very helpful to us if you’d also tell us why you’re requesting a refund. This is NOT required, and we won’t use this information to try and “sell” you something else. But we do take feedback seriously, and it really does help us make better products and improve our sales process. We want every customer to be satisfied!

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